Discussion Group

DCS Discussion Group

The Dance Computing Studies (DCS) discussion group is a venue for critical discourse regarding the aesthetic and ethical dimensions of movement analysis and representation across disciplines. Presently, the group is focussed on issues of race, colonialism, and diaspora in practices at the intersection of dance and computing. The intention of the discussion group is to read diverse texts through each other, such that we may illuminate and interrogate the effects of critical differences in authorial, disciplinary, and cultural perspectives.

Readings are selected from a growing collection of materials related to dance and computing, with emphasis on feminist, decolonial, and critical race theory. The process of selecting three texts for each rotation is done in consultation with the readers, keeping in mind how these texts might spur discourse between one another. The group’s working bibliography is available to view/download.

The group is facilitated by John MacCallum, Teoma Naccarato, and Jessica Rajko, with participants in fields such as dance, music, computer science, human-computer interaction, critical theory, and philosophy.

Additional media related to the Discussion Group is posted on an ongoing basis on the DCS are.na page: https://www.are.na/dancecomputing-studies-8nrblepwasg

Finally, the facilitators devised a document outlining Strategies for ethical engagement in the context of the discussion group.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact the facilitators at: dancecomputingstudies@gmail.com.